4 Things to Do During Your First Week in a New Home

When you finally arrive at your new home and all of your boxes are safely unloaded inside, it's normal to feel a huge sense of relief. The hard parts of the move—packing, getting out the door, and transporting everything—are over. But it's important not to let off the gas completely yet. During this first week in your new home, there are a few more things you'll want to get done to ensure your life continues to flow smoothly in the months that follow.

Make sure nothing is damaged.

If you hired a reputable, professional moving company to transport and perhaps also pack your items, then they likely have an insurance policy that will allow you to seek reimbursement for anything that was damaged during the move. However, if you read this policy, you'll probably find that the company needs to be contacted about damage within several days of the move in order to honor the claim. 

So that you don't get stuck covering damage yourself, it's worthwhile to spend a few hours looking over your things to ensure nothing is broken. No, you don't have to pop open every box and sort through all of your linens and blankets. But you should look over furniture and open boxes that contain electronics and valuables. If you do find that something has been damaged, take some pictures and contact the moving company ASAP.

Review your moving company.

Now that your move is complete, take a few minutes to go online and leave a review for the moving company you hired. It's important to do this while the information is still fresh in your mind—otherwise, you'll struggle to come up with the details later on. Whether you leave a review on Yelp, Facebook, or some other site, your moving company will really appreciate it, and you'll be providing helpful information for others who are thinking of moving soon.

Make an appointment with the internet and cable company.

Sometimes cable and internet companies can get booked up with installation appointments several weeks in advance. The sooner you contact them and make an appointment, the sooner you'll have service. If you call one company and they have a long wait, tell them "no thank you" and that you're going to contact another company instead. Sometimes, in order to get you to sign on as a customer, they will them clear time in their schedule to do your installation sooner. If they don't make this offer, go on and call another company.

Meet the neighbors.

If you wait too long to meet others in your community, it will be awkward to do so. Imagine saying, " Hi, I'm your neighbor who moved in 6 months ago!" Introduce yourself now, and you'll start forming new friendships. You'll also have someone to call on if you need help moving a big couch or fitting something through the doors as you continue unpacking and settling into your new home.

Don't be afraid to knock on your neighbors' doors and talk to them. Just do this in the evening when they're likely to be home and not overly busy. If you see someone out getting the mail, pop out the door to introduce yourself, too. Sometimes once you meet one neighbor, they'll take it upon themselves to introduce yourself to everyone else—and before you know it, you're in touch with the whole community. 

Once these tasks are complete, you can move on to the fun things, like decorating your walls and organizing your new kitchen. For more information or assistance during your move, contact local moving services like Redondo Van & Storage.