4 Things to Do During Your First Week in a New Home

When you finally arrive at your new home and all of your boxes are safely unloaded inside, it's normal to feel a huge sense of relief. The hard parts of the move—packing, getting out the door, and transporting everything—are over. But it's important not to let off the gas completely yet. During this first week in your new home, there are a few more things you'll want to get done to ensure your life continues to flow smoothly in the months that follow.

4 Types Of Belongings That Are Difficult To Move

Every time you move, there will inevitably be belongings that you need to leave behind. For some items, this is not a matter of choice: there are a few restrictions on what professional movers can move for you, and some things cannot be moved safely by the homeowner. Here are four examples of items that are difficult to bring with you to your new home. Perishable Foods Accidentally packing perishable food can lead to an extremely disappointing revelation when you get to your new home.