Why You Should Consider Downsizing Before A Move (And How To Do It)

One way to save on moving costs is to downsize your household before you make the move. The less stuff you have, the less you will need to transport. In addition, downsizing can help you see what's actually important to you, and what you should have probably gotten rid of a long time ago. Here's a few tips for downsizing before you move.

Consider the Space You're Moving Into

Look at the things in your current space. Now try to imagine where they may go in your new space.

  • Is there a place for everything?
  • Will your old things look right in the new space?
  • Do you want to clutter the new place with stuff you don't want or have a use for?

What about storage? You may need to store some of your items before moving them into the new place. Or, you may want to store items you feel you should hold onto.

If those items have no purpose other than to exist, give some strong thought to getting rid of them. It will save you on storage fees. It will also save you time, labor, and the hassle of moving things into or out of storage.

Consider Selling the Stuff You Don't Want or Need

Another way to downsize and save is by selling your items. All that stuff you don't want or need can go into someone else's home. Consider holding a yard sale or selling items on a classifieds site. You can even give stuff away if you're in a time crunch or don't want any extra hassle.

Consider Showing Your Items No Mercy

When getting rid of things, it's important you maintain a certain level of detachment. If it has no use, or value, then get rid of it. If you can easily replace it, then don't store it somewhere for later. If you're on the fence about something, then you should probably just let it go.

Before your move, go through every inch of your space and get rid of the things that will serve no purpose in your new place. You may have to adopt a certain amount of ruthlessness. Once you start, you may just find you enjoy freeing yourself of clutter and unnecessary items. It's also good practice for keeping your new place free of clutter.

When it's time to call up the residential moving service, like NextView Moving, you will have less of a load. That can mean

  • you won't need as much truck space, which can save you money;
  • and you won't need to find a place for all of your unnecessary stuff, which will save you time.

You can move with confidence, and enjoy your new space without all the extra baggage from the old one.