3 Insider Tips For Properly Packing Plastic Storage Bins During A Bookstore Move

If there is one tough project you will face as a bookstore business owner, it is a relocation from one place to the next. Businesses grow and change, which means their spacial requirements will also consistently change with time. Therefore, you may indeed be faced with the task of moving your business at some point. Before the process begins, make sure you invest in several heavy-duty plastic storage bins. These storage bins are much sturdier than regular boxes and much more fitting for a bookstore's moving process. Take a look at these insider tips to packing these plastic storage bins before the move so everything goes smoothly once you arrive at the new place. 

Pack books and merchandise according to department. - Instead of grouping books by title or genre, try to pack them into the storage containers according to where they will be unpacked. Use your planogram or modular diagrams to determine what merchandise should be placed in what containers and label the containers accordingly when you are done. This will make unpacking and restocking the shelves much easier after the move is complete. 

Group seasonal books and magazines together in the same packing containers. - If you currently have seasonal merchandise on your shelves, such as seasonal cookbooks or back-to-school reads, that is peppered throughout the store, it is a good idea to pack these items together. Seasonal merchandise may not be as in demand by the time the move is complete, which means you may be marking it down or designating it to a new home in your new store. If you decide the items need to be stored, they will even be ready to go straight to storage until needed the next season. 

Pack books, magazines, and other printed media with the spines out. - This simple tip can save you a great deal of money on damaged goods when you unpack at the new store. The delicate outer edges of book pages are easily damaged if they are left to brush up against other items inside of a container. So packing printed media with the pages toward the outside of the container and the spine facing out will keep the edges of those pages protected as you fill the space. 

Even though the process of packing up your bookstore and heading to a new place can be arduous and time-consuming, having the right packing materials and containers will make the process much easier. Talk to a commercial moving company to discover more on heavy-duty plastic storage bins.