Why Furniture Needs To Be Disassembled When You Move And Some Tips For Easier Reassembly

There are a lot of preparations you must make when you move. You have to pack, declutter, and organize your belongings. One thing you may not think about until the last minute is disassembling your large pieces of furniture. Maybe you didn't even know things like a sofa could even come apart. However, your mover may require furniture to be broken down as much as possible. The good news is they will probably do it for you for an extra fee if you don't know how. Here's why disassembling furniture is important and some tips to keep in mind.

Why Your Furniture Needs To Be Taken Apart

One reason it's important to take furniture apart is so it won't get damaged while being carried or while on the truck. If your sofa is on legs, a leg might get broken or scratched if the couch is left in one piece. Legs are usually easy to take off of a sofa by unscrewing them from the bottom. By keeping the legs in a safe place, you won't have to worry about one getting scuffed or snapping off.

Another reason furniture needs to be disassembled is so it fits better in the moving truck. If you're hiring a mover, they usually want to pack your things tight so they don't jostle around during the move. If you're using a long-distance mover, your things may share a semi with other households. The mover wants to optimize space and one way to do that is to make things flat, stackable, and easy to pack tightly. Packing tightly doesn't mean things get scratched, since your furniture is wrapped in blankets, pads, or bubble wrap to prevent that. Instead, it means there is no wasted space under table legs or next to a sofa with arms that stick out.

Plus, when your heavy furniture is in pieces, it's easier to handle the furniture once it gets to your new home. The moving company may put your furniture back together for you if you want to opt for the service. If you decide to do it yourself, you'll probably appreciate how much easier it is to move furniture from room to room and get your home set up the way you want when you don't have to move huge and heavy pieces.

Tips For Disassembling Furniture

If you hire the movers to take your furniture apart and put it back together, you won't have to worry about how it's done. If you plan to disassemble the furniture yourself or put it back together by yourself, them there are some things you can do to make the job easier. Keep pieces you remove sealed in a plastic bag and tape the bag to the furniture if possible or put the pieces in their own marked box. In the case of couch disassembly, put all small pieces such as legs and screws in a plastic bag that zips shut and tape the bag to the underside of the couch so parts are handy and ready to put back on without having to hunt through boxes.

You may also want to use moving boxes for your furniture when possible. When furniture is disassembled, it can often fit into a mattress box or other large box so it's protected and so all the parts can stay together. Take pictures of the disassembly process. You may not have any instructions to refer to when putting a sofa back together, so create your own documentation as you take the sofa apart. Take pictures showing what screws go where so you can put your furniture back together with the least amount of stress.

When your mover comes to your home to look at your belongings and give you an estimate, find out what furniture you need to disassemble before moving day. When you know what has to be done, you can decide if you're up to the job or if you need to hire a couch disassembly professional to do it for you.